Apr 1, 2008
SY Wong

Download Direct Folder v3.3 for Fast Folders and Files Access on Your PC

File and folder organizing is important so that user can access to the right folder for a particular file in the shortest time. Even though at the end you may able to retrieve it, but the time wasted is not worth as it can be spent elsewhere for more productive task. That is why sometimes I would rather put the folder, either important or frequently access folder on my desktop for fast retrieval. However, it will still be messy when more and more files and important folders are piling up on your desktop. Here is another alternative solution. Known as Direct Folder version 3.3, it enables the quick access to a particular folder, regardless of what level of root directories it resides in by simply double clicking on your desktop screen.

Once installed the Direct Folder, just launch it and you can configure a few favorite folders or files for fast access in later stage. You can access it in numerous ways. But I found the simplest one would be to double click on any desktop area that will eventually bring you to the favorite folder for direct access of the files. On top of folder bookmark, it will also able to access recent files and even application software for more effective task handling.

The software utility is free for download from here for any of the home PC users. Besides, user has option to purchase a Pro version with enhanced features at Code Sector at £14.95 with 30-days money back guarantee.

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