Apr 25, 2008
SY Wong

Download Debut Video Capture Software 1.2 Free for Media Recording in Windows PC

Even wonder how you can capture any video playback on your PC to be saved for future retrieval? There are quite a number of solutions out there but you may want to try out this simple video capture software. Known as Debut, it is a lightweight software utility that is targeted for those that are looking for ways to record media files on PC, screen capture or even setting up a or security surveillance monitoring system or spy camera through web cam installed in front of PC screen.

The application is free for use with only simple installation. Once installed, there are few settings that user can play around with in order to get an optimum recording result. First, the color settings can be changed to compensate surrounding environment. Secondly, user can set the frame rate and resolution of the recording media files so that they won’t burden the available hard disk space for long hour recording. Take note that lower resolution may affect the quality of the whole media play back at later stage. To make it more convenience, there is a way to control the duration of how long the recording can take place. Besides storing the media into hard disk or burn into CD, user can configure the whole setup so that the media files can be uploaded to websites via FTP or share to friends through email.
It is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP and even Vista. Great thing is, there is an option to save the media files into various video format such as *.mpg, *.mov, *.avi, *.wmv and more, without the need to get an external converter to perform the conversion. The software utility is less than 500kB and it is free for download at NCHSoftware.

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