Nov 6, 2009
Nic Cho

Download Cry Translator iPhone App To Distinguish Why Your Baby Is Crying

Looking for a smart way to distinguish why your baby is crying? As you know, crying is essentially a baby’s first language, which expresses his/her needs as well as feelings. The new Cry Translator is an innovative, easy-to-use iPhone app that able to quickly identify the 5 distinct cries made by infants – hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed and bored, aiming to help parents/caregivers soothe the baby.

Cry Translator

According to Biloop (electronic engineering company), the patented sound identification technology behind Cry Translator has been tested in North America and Spain with an impressive 96% of accuracy.

Benefits Of Cry Translator:

  • Quickly identifies a cry within 10 seconds
  • Eases the anxiety associated with calming a crying infant
  • Builds confidence in understanding and comforting your baby
  • Helps reduce overall infant crying
  • Improves baby-parent relationship

Cry Translator application for iPhone and iPod touch (with external microphone) is now available for download on Apple App Store for a promotion price of $9.99 (until November 11, 2009).

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