Mar 31, 2008
SY Wong

Download ClearTemp 1.0 for Windows Mobile Device to Free up Memory Storage

Application softwares installed on your PDA are useful for daily work. But when there are too many unused applications and garbage that stuck into your RAM or storage, it could impact the performance significantly. Users may either experience system slow down and even whole system hang up eventually. If you are one of them, here could be a solution for you. Named as ClearTemp, it is a free and useful software utility to clean up unused garbage stored in your PDA with only a few simple clicks.

Without searching through all the folders, the utility is simple to be used. It is not limited to clean any unused files or temporary folder but also suitable for clearing Internet browsing history, recent program lists as well as huge mailing attachments that usually suck up lots of memory space. Once the program has been installed, user just needs to launch the applications and it is ready to go. Good thing is, the utility is able to tell how much capacity that user can free up from by ticking on the folders that are intended be deleted. Upon completion of cleaning process, do remember to do a soft reset for the change to be effective. To make the whole process even simple, user has option to enable cleaning process each and every time when the system reboots automatically.

ClearTemp version 1.0 is just available recently with some fix against its earlier version. Since it is free for download, no harm to try getting a copy at ClearTemp.

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