May 3, 2016
TnT Editor

How To Disable Google Chrome Notifications

With the improvement on Chrome Notification center, it can be a helpful tool if you’re heavily invested in the Google ecosystem. You can set up to have notifications like meeting reminders or email notifications. However, it will get a little overwhelming and annoying when it includes extra notifications likes spam email and advertisement. By default setting, Google Chrome will alerts or asking you whenever a website, app or extensions wants to send you notifications. Anyway, you can disable Google Chrome notifications setting at any time with some trick.

How To Disable Google Chrome Notification Settings

Here how to disable Google Chrome notifications

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the “hamburger” menu in the top right corner.
  2. Click on Setting and then scroll down to the bottom to look for Show advanced setting
  3. Under Privacy heading, click the Content settings
  4. Scroll down to the Notifications section and change your setting:
    i) Allow all sites to show notifications: You’ll automatically receive notifications from all websites. It will be overwhelming and not recommended.
    ii) Ask when a site wants to show notifications: By default setting, Chrome will ask you whenever a site wants to show you notifications.
    iii) Do not allow any site to show notifications: You won’t see any notifications from websites.
  5. To have more selective way, you can turn individual websites notifications off or on with Manage exceptions It will brings up a menu with every websites that has asked your permissions to send notifications. You can simply change the status to block the website by putting [*.] before the web address and select block.

If you felt that having block notifications is not enough and want to hide the notification icon. Below here are the steps:

  1. Click the overflow arrow in the bottom-right System Tray
  2. Click on the Customize
  3. Find and change the Google Chrome icon behavior to “Hide icon and notifications”

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