Apr 24, 2008
SY Tan

Dilbert Comic Strip Go Interactive

Dilbert fans and readers now are given a chance to show off their talents and prove that they are funnier and more humourous than the cartoonist, Scott Adams, in this 20-year-old American comic strip. The popular Dilbert comic strip is famous in many countries for its satirical humor about a white-collar and micromanaged office. It has appeared in 2000 newspapers worldwide and has been translated into 25 languages.

After almost 20 years’ existence, this worldwide popular cartoon now incorporates a new web feature in its website. Fans and readers who have more creative or better ideas are allowed to rewrite the final frame of one of Adam’s daily strips. By allowing fans and readers to rewrite the last punch line, the author hopes to create a platform for fans and readers to interact with the funny Dilbert and his pet Dogbert. Adam also aims at bringing the comic deeper into readers’ lives.

With the assistance of United Media, the syndication service which carries the Dilbert strip, Adam’s next plan is to expand the interactivity level by allowing readers to rewrite the dialogue in the whole strip. This plan will be materialized in due course. To avoid those nasty users who intend to post offensive content, the Dilbert comic site has incorporate a software to filter out any nasty four-letter words.

By allowing fans and readers to rewrite the dialogues, it is inevitable that readers will see funnier jokes as well as a sharper edge to the humor in Dilbert. This will also lend a multicultural flavor to the cartoon strip.

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