Feb 8, 2009
SY Tan

Digital Photo Frame Key Ring

Ever wished you could show off your photos to family or friends but didn’t have your digital camera with you? The phone camera only keeps photos you shot with the phone itself and the pictures don’t actually do you credit. The mini Digital Photo Frame Keyring doesn’t burden you with yet another bulky gadget while allowing you to achieve your purpose nonetheless.

The pocket-sized key chain looks chic with its leather and metal finish. It has an 8MB internal memory for storing up to 100 digital photos. The 1.35-inch high resolution OLED screen produces good quality images so that your baby looks as cute as she really is and justifies that proud beam of yours when you show off the photos. The photos can be viewed via a manual shuffle or auto slideshow. It is easy to operate and photos can be transferred from any Mac or PC to the keychain. The battery can last for approximately 1½ hours and can be recharged from a USB port 2.0.

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