May 29, 2008
SY Tan

Data Protection and Encryption with MSD Strongbox

Private data or business data protection has became a critical security concern nowadays. Various sex scandal photos involving celebrities leaked out from their computer when they sent it for repair. This has alarmed the public on the importance and priority of proper data protection and encryption. If users are worried that they will be the next victim due to files or data leak, perhaps MSD Strongbox, a private documents and files manager with maximum security protection could be their solution.

MSD Strongbox functions like a heavy and solid safe which allows users to store their important files, database, photos, videos, etc with a password protection. Without the correct password, nobody can extract the files from this solid box. The files will be kept private and any unauthorized users will not be able to even view or edit them. By encrypting the important files in the program database with a strong password, the owner can be less worried in the event the computer gets stolen or is hacked. Nowadays many people tend to save their important files or confidential data in portable devices. If their confidential data gets stolen while traveling, using MSD Strongbox will prevent the information from being leaked to rivals or strangers. MSD Strongbox also allows users to install and run the application with any portable device such as pen drive, portable hard disk, etc.

Besides its security function, MSD Strongbox also features an excellent data management capability. It allows users to sort, hide, filter and group the information by any field or combination of fields. Any combination of sorting, grouping or filtering can be visualized or printed in a report and also can be saved to disk in order to be recovered at any time. All program reports can be saved to disk in PDF format. The MSD Strongbox also comes with safe file deletion function. If users delete a file which is stored in the MSD Strongbox database, the file will be deleted permanently and it wouldn’t give a chance for others to try to recover it.

MSD Strongbox Version 1 supports all Windows platforms inclusive of Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. This program is free for a trial period. It costs $50 to purchase. Of course the trial version has less features compared to the paid version.

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