Apr 24, 2017
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Cut the Rope: Magic Available for Free Download as Apple’s App of the Week – iOS, iPhone, iPad

Om Nom lovers, if you’re looking to play Cut the Rope: Magic on iOS, Apple iTunes Appstore is giving away free Cut the Rope: Magic full game to all iOS users. The free giveaway of Cut the Rope: Magic is in conjunction with Apple’s App of the Week in the Apple iTunes Appstore, which normally priced at $0.99. This is first time Cut the Rope: Magic available as free since it was released in December of 2015.

Zeptolab again brought back its famous puzzle game Cut the Rope: Magic. This puzzle game has a magical theme with Om Nom where gamer swipe to cut the rope to direct the candy. Cut the Rope: Magic brought magical world with completely new graphics, sound, magical skills, and able to transform Om Nom into 6 magical forms, which comes with more than 160 new puzzles episode.

Cut the Rope Magic Available for Free Download as Apple's App of the Week – iOS, iPhone, iPad

Tips, hacks, cheats, and guide for playing Cut the Rope: Magic on iOS:

  • Use the bubbles or whirling stars to lift up objects or even Om Nom in his original form
  • Do a couple of trial runs. Remember: Cut the Rope: Magic doesn’t have a time limit per level, so take your time and retry as much as you want
  • In order to unlock new worlds, you need to get a certain amount of stars. If you feel you can’t move forwards anymore, go to an earlier level and get some more stars.
  • This time not just the same Om Nom, you have the advantage to change into a number of different creatures (Bird, Baby, Fish, Mouse, Spirit and Dragon). Each creature has a specific abilities to help in the different levels.
  • If you don’t think that you need to transform into an animal to complete the level, it might still be necessary to get 3 stars.
  • Magical transform Om Nom into different creatures Bird Form helps Om Nom fly up above obstacles and potential traps Baby Form allows Om Nom to squeeze into small, restricted spaces Fish Form can help Om Nom dive deep to snatch up all the delicious candy Mouse Form gives Om Nom a heightened sense of smell to help him sniff out the sweets he craves Spirit Form ensures that nothing gets in Om Nom’s way during his magical journey Dragon Form summons a powerful sneeze that sends everything flying

The Cut the Rope: Magic game app for iOS takes 193MB of space. The application’s permissions required are:

  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Access information about networks
  • Access the vibration feature

In order to grab the free Cut the Rope: Magic, just visit the Apple iTunes Appstore page at

Alternatively, launch iTunes or App store through iPhone or iPad to download Cut the Rope: Magic apps.

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