May 5, 2008
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Create Booklet From PDF Documents with BookletCreator

Want to create a booklet from PDF documents you have? BookletCreator is a free online tool that allows user to create a booklet from a PDF document. After users upload the PDF document in “Portrait” paper orientation, Booklet Creator will reorder the pages from the PDF document into booklet format, which after printing and folding the printed pages, there is a small book.

BookletCreator Created PDF Booklet Pages
Figure showing how the pages been rearranged into booklet design format. Page number shows the original sequence.

BookletCreator requires original document to be in PDF format with “Portrait” paper orientation, and does not support password-protected PDFs. After the booklet is created, user can download the booklet in PDF format, which can then be printed out the document using “Print on both sides” or “Print double sided” in printer preferences. If the printer can’t print on both sides automatically, print the odd pages first (Acrobat Reader has such option in printing preferences), then put the printed paper back into your printer and print the even pages.

Create booklet with BookletCreator.

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