May 17, 2008
SY Tan

Convert Photos Into Music Video With Animoto

If you have had a pretty exciting or interesting experience and want to share those sweet or memorable moments with friends, it’s so easy to do it through the Internet. However, sharing the photos via email or directing your friends to your photo album is passé and not so fun anymore. If you could add in some background music and convert your photos to a show or video, the effect will definitely be better and you’re sure to have your friends’ attention. I have tested this useful online application, Animoto, a couple of days ago to compile and convert my friend’s photos into a video. This online video maker tool is free and the effect is cool!

Animoto has existed for quite some time. It was a great production from the efforts of the former MTV, Comedy Central and ABC studio producers. This group of TV/film producers has created this platform with the ultimate objective to allow people who have passion in the field of video production to share their masterpiece. To create a video via Animoto to showcase your favourite photos, users need to fill up a simple form and sign up with Animoto. Once the registration is completed, users could just upload their photos to Animoto. Ideally users should upload 10 to 15 photos for a 30 second short video. Once the photos or digital images have been uploaded, users can either add their own music or choose their favourite music from the Animoto site. Wait for a while and Animoto will do the rest of the editing for you. The online application will magically transform your photos into a 30-second snappy video with your favourite music as background.

The effect of using Animoto is cool and wonderful. It is quite different from what we normally see in a slideshow. Traditional slideshows are meant to showcase individual photos that capture single moments, slowly transitioning between pictures one at a time. Animoto has adopted a different concept. It incorporates a patent-pending artificial intelligence technology to offer something more interesting and unique. The end result is something like a movie trailer rather than a regular slideshow.

Animoto adds fun and tries to present your favourite photo series in a more interesting and upbeat format. Once users have created their personalized and professional music videos, they can download the video, send/email the video to friends, embed into their blogs/site or upload the video to YouTube. The main drawback for this web application so far is the slow uploading/saving time and the lack of editing tools for users to amend/edit their masterpiece.

Pleasant Sensation – A masterpiece created with Animoto

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