Apr 6, 2008
SY Tan

Convert Digital Images to ASCII Art With ASCII Generator dotNET

What are the secrets behind Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawings, the Vitruvian Man, Mona Lisa or The Last Supper? Maybe Professor Robert Langdon can try to convert the artwork into new masterpieces consisting of minute text (to break the hidden codes). The updated version of ASCGEN, ASCII Generator dotNET, is a free application that you can download to convert digital images or photos into high quality ASCII art. ASCII art is an artistic medium using text to represent the original image as accurately as possible.

ASCII Generator dotNET only supports Windows Operating System. It supports variable width fonts and real time output adjustments. This application is able to handle larger files and perform the functions like a standard image editor, e.g. brightness and contrast adjustment. Instead of changing the image pixel, the application will modify the letters, font size, etc.

ASCII art lovers can download it via the link here. Perhaps you can use ASCII Generator dotNET to find out the treasure hidden behind that ancient and valuable painting in the attic. Who knows, your ancestors may have left some hidden treasure which can be deciphered once the artwork is converted into ASCII art?

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