Apr 28, 2008
SY Wong

Cogent Launches SODIMM-based System-on-Module PC for Embedded Market

Have you even seen computer module that can be plugged into SODIMM interface? SODIMM interface is typically designed for external memory module to be plugged on the motherboard. But now the 200-pins interface usage has been extended to support the main core processor so that it is upgradeable in a later stage when existing processor no longer suits your need. Known as CBS737, the SOM (system-on-module) is developed by Cogent Computer Systems and is ready for embedded market.

The SOM is powered by Atmel processor clocking at 240MHz and being supported by 64MB SDRAM. Based on ARM926EJ-S, it has rich features such as USB host/device ports, 10/100 Ethernet port, LCD controller and 2D graphics co-processor that is capable of supporting 1024 X 768 video resolution. Similar to other SODIMM module, the small form factor (only measured at 2.6-inch X 2-inch) SOM module is pluggable on a bigger base board (known as CBS703) to support extra legacy peripherals and necessary interfaces for various applications. The base board offer much more industrial standard interfaces such as SPI, AC’97, I2C, CAN and SD/MMC slots for industrial and consumer electronics markets. Surprisingly, the base board measured only 5-inch x 4.5-inch, which is still quite compact with such great feature sets integrated in. The computer module is compatible with Windows CE and Linux OS. Selling at $300 for CSB737 and CSB703 respectively, it fits well in entry level and middle range products suitable for different market segments in embedded market.

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