May 23, 2008
SY Wong

Cheap Wireless 802.11b/g Bridge that Links Network Connectivity Up to 5 Miles Range

HD Communication has just unveiled an affordable way to provide long distance Wi-Fi coverage with two special bridge devices that stay far apart. Named as HD26200, the bridges are equipped with a pair of Ubiquiti network radios that are capable of transmitting and receiving network signals up to 5 miles by utilizing only conventional 802.11b/g wireless technology. The only condition is, both devices have to be in Line of Sight or else the coverage will be dropped tremendously. You may have heard of something similar before but this is so far one of the cheapest ways as claimed by the company. Guess what, the setup will be retailed at only $318 which is far more cheaper as compared to other competitors’ products.

Typically, existing devices with similar capability will cost more than $500, almost doubling of what can be offered by HD Communication. This includes the cost for RF cables, antennas, repeaters and conventional bridges. HD Communication has taken extra efforts to further reduce the total BOM (Bill of Material) cost by integrating a pair of long range Ubiquiti network radios with 17dbi dual polarity antennas into the bridges themselves. Also, it simplifies the whole setup process which is quite important for a new product in consumer market place.

Seems like consumers are not only concerned with low or insufficient bandwidth, but also they can’t live with limited coverage now. The new product will be commercialized by end of summer and it may able to fill up the gap before WiMAX infrastructure being rolled out completely.

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