May 25, 2008
SY Wong

Cheap and Simple Way to Turn your Webcam into Digital Surveillance System via HomeCamera Web Service

Home security system is important for any household. However, it may not always be affordable especially the Digital Surveillance system involves huge maintenance and installation cost. Not to worry now, you have the option to turn your conventional webcam in your house to a low cost yet free maintenance internet based home surveillance system. By signing up and accessing to HomeCamera website, user will be able to connect to the server to view and monitor the condition at the other ends remotely, through a conventional web camera.

It doesn’t involve sophisticated detection mechanism or high end video camera but yet it will able to provide a peace of mind as the user can be connected to the server all the time as long as there is broadband access. Besides viewing in front of PC, user has option to view the webcam through mobile phone via WAP technology. All these happen in real time, although user can record them to be retrieved and viewed at later stage. Good thing is, the setup is pretty simple with no hassle of extra hardware or wiring required as you can use back the same webcam in your room for setup.

Currently the web service is in beta version and is available to public at no charge. If you are looking for way to monitor your kids remotely or would like to do a webcam sharing, take this chance to register one for free trial at HomeCamera.

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