Sep 16, 2010
SY Tan

Charge Five Devices with Nokia Charging Plate DT-600

With the array of electronic devices in use at any one time, charging them is a bit of a headache as one has to match the charger to the device and make sure the wires don’t tangle. This could take up a bit of space on the desk. The latest Nokia Charging Plate DT-600 is an efficient and versatile charging device which can charge up to five devices at a time for either Nokia 2mm or USB connectors. Your BlackBerry, MP3 player, digital camera, mobile phone, and headsets can be efficiently powered up with this new charger.

The Nokia Charging Plate DT-600 has cables that can be retracted when not in use. This keeps your work station clutter-free and tidy. The charger is made from environmentally-friendly material and is designed to not consume energy even when plugged in without being used. The charger is compatible with most electronic devices besides Nokia products.

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