Mar 27, 2008
SY Tan

Captured Favorite Online Contents with Web Clipping Tools

There are billions of websites containing all sorts of materials e.g. politic, culture, hobby, medical, sex, junk, pornography, etc which give you endless access into them. Definitely it is impossible for users to access and browse all the websites available. Net users will only browse the relevant websites and organize them probably. Net users will organize their favourite web sites and bookmark them in accordance to individual styles and formats. Using bookmark and favourite functions in the browsers such as IE or Firefox is convenient and easy. However, the built in bookmark functions available in the browsers are not manageable.

Over some time, the bookmarks or the favourite links in the bookmark folder will grow into a sprawling mess of old, outdated and dead links. To help you manage your favorite websites, blogs, etc better, instead of using your bookmark function in your browser, you can try some web clipping tools available in the internet to manage bookmarks, collect and save contents from your favourite sites. There are a few web clipping programs available that you can try: –

Google Notebook
The online web clipping tool from Google, Google Notebook, allows users to add clipping text, images and links from their favourite web pages. Google Notebook is available in IE, Firebox but not Apple Safari and Opera. Google Notebook also has a version for mobile phones and users can take notes from their iPhone or BlackBerry.

To use it, firstly users need to download the Google toolbars. Once it is installed and added to the browser, users can add their favourite sites into Google Notebook by clicking the Bookmark icon. When the sites are added, users can online access to Google Notebook via their Google Accounts to trace back their favourite links from any computer. Users also can organize their notebooks based on individual style. For instance, users can divide their notebooks into sections, and thence drag and drop their notes to stay organized. Users also can share their Google Notebook with the world by making it public.

Microsoft Onfolio
Onfolio was acquired by Microsoft in 2006. The new Microsoft Onfolio is an add-in for the Windows Live Toolbar that helps users to collect and organize their online content, read RSS news feeds, and share content in emails, blogs and documents. With Onfolio, users can get all of these tools built into their browser for simplicity.

There are a few unique functions featured by this application. For instance, Onfolio allows their users to capture complete websites or single web pages in their entirety including CSS, Javascripts and images so the captured web page looks the same even in offline mode. Onfolio can also download PDF files and Microsoft Office documents from the web with a simple click. Users can also assign coloured flags to the captured content.

Unlike Google Notebook, Microsoft Onfolio will store the captured content into users’ local hard disk, thus, users cannot access the information using another computer. The only way users can access the information online is by exporting the web clippings contents as compressed web pages (MHT) and share them via email attachments.

Besides Google Notebook and Microsoft Onfolio, users also can read out and try out other free web clipping tools such as Check & Gets, Clipmarks, ToRead and InstaPaper.

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