Jan 11, 2009
EK Lam

Capture an Object with the Cool RealView 360 Degree 3D Scanner

Real-View Corporation has announced its first desktop 3D scanner at CES 2009. Now you can capture objects in full topographical 360° with the cool and affordable RealView 360° 3D Desktop Scanner. The 3D scanner is not a big device and it’s suitable for scanning any small objects like a cup, small decorative stuff, handphone, etc. After placing the object into the plate, the dual camera will scan the object and produce an image file. The captured image can be rendered and viewed from any angle of view by pointing the mouse on the viewing angle with the embedded software. This will allow you to see all the bumps, lumps, and contours of your object.


“Topographical 360° 3D capture is the next logical step in image capture and display for e-trailers,” states Real-View 3D founder J.J. Howard. The topographical 360° 3D scan can be exported into any web based document, online catalog or online auction. This will give perfect visualization to consumers on the online product. It will bring a revolution to online catalogues and online auctions such as eBay.

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