May 8, 2008
SY Tan

Buy Mum A Gift And Get A Free WinZip 11.2

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Looking for a buy one free one bargain? Well, go to TrialPay and purchase one promotional item to get a free WinZip Version 11.2. You could buy a dozen carnations or roses, mum’s favourite blouse, or other wonderful gifts to express your love for that very important woman in your life. You will get a free WinZip 11.2 that is worth $29.95.

To sign up for this offer, you need to go to TrialPay, fill up your name and email address. TrialPay will thence notify you with a written confirmation of your completed order via email. Of course this offer is not open to all countries. You will be alerted with a prompted message if the offer is not applicable in your country. Perhaps you might worry once you have registered your email address with TrialPay, you will be flushed with countless spam email in your Inbox. Well, it’s possible. That might be a price to pay for the free WinZip 11.2!

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