Oct 27, 2009
EK Lam

Belkin Conserve Surge with Timer – Help to Eliminate Power Waste

Global climate change issues are a hot topic recently for the public, scientists, governments, non-governmental organizations and countries’ leaders. Up to 170 countries of governmental representatives are expected to be gathered in Copenhagen in December 2009 to come out with a Copenhagen Protocol to prevent global warming and climate changes. As an individual, we all have the responsible to keep our Earth ‘green’. Let us start to eliminate power waste with Belkin’s Conserve Surge in our home or even workstation.

Belkin’s Converse Surge is a green gadget that helps to reduce wasted power from sleeping devices, especially at the workstation. The electronic devices will still use energy even when they are in standby or off mode, such as computer, printer, photocopy machine, etc. Most of us won’t switch off these devices when we leave the workstation. Ends up we waste a lot of energy and money in the long term and this brings a negative impact on the environment and climate.

Belkin Conserve Surge

The converse surge has a clever automatic timer that will turn off all the electronic devices plugged with it after being used for 11 hours. If you have devices that need to be switched on all the time, no worries. This converse surge is designed to take this into consideration. There are a total of eight outlets in this gadget; six outlets will shut off after 11 hours while another 2 outlets will still stay on. So, you can plug in the fax machine, phone or clock into either of these 2 outlets which needs permanent power supply for running.

There is also an easy-to-use desktop button that will turn those items back on or off. You can place this button on the desk for convenience to control the converse surge. This button will also emit an LED light blinking alert to signal to you when the outlets are about to be turned off momentarily. If you need to stay on to work on your uncompleted tasks after 11 hours, just press the button when the light is blinking to keep the outlets running for another 11 hours.

Either you’re working in the office or from home, Belkin’s Converse Surge with timer can assist you to conserve energy and money especially at your workstation. It is really a cool green gadget and can be owned with just about $35. Most importantly, it helps to control the climate change.

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