May 19, 2008
SY Tan

Animal Movie Maker from National Geographic

Parents or teachers who want to expose kids to the wonders of wildlife can introduce them to an online movie maker from National Geographic. What better way to get young kids or teenagers to appreciate the wonders of wildlife and nature than to get them to put together a video just by dragging some images and clicking on some keys. The Wildlife Filmmaker is a user-friendly and fun way to create beautiful animal videos. It beats the idiot box for it is both educational and interactive.

Users just need to drag their selected wildlife video footage on to the timeline and add animal sounds or background music to their DIY wildlife movie. This is definitely an activity for the family which could lead on to discussions and further readings about wildlife and nature. Besides being fun and entertaining, this simple movie making software also gives a sense of pride to youngsters and a boost to their self-esteem to see their own movie created and saved on the National Geographic site. One drawback is that the movie created cannot be downloaded.

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