Dec 13, 2008
SY Tan

An Emoticarolers Card To Cheer All You Love

emoticarolersNew Year is around the corner. The usual greeting cards and e-greeting cards seem so passé. Those conventional electronic greeting cards may just be ignored or simply deleted because it is human nature to get jaded when bombarded with the same images. Yahoo Messengers has presented an alternative which makes the traditional seasonal greeting more exciting and funny by allowing users to convey their wishes through an Emoticarolers card.

This Emoticarolers card is funny and interesting. Creating this cutie card is pretty simple. Choose four emoticarolers out of ten available. Then select a holiday jingle, three choices given: Jingle Bell, Auld Land Syne and Deck the Halls. You can thence edit the original lyrics and type in your own creative lyrics if you wish. Preview it before sending. Once you are satisfied with your masterpiece, you can send out your warmest wishes to your friends either using Yahoo Messenger or Email. Alternately, you can embed your greeting card into your blogs and website.

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