May 2, 2008
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ADrive Offers Free 50GB Online Storage and Backup Space

ADriveMost of online free file hosting, storage or backup space services either go bust, out of business, site down or turn paid subscription base without notice over time. So far there is no free Internet storage space services that lasts forever, or even more than a few years. If you still believe in free online drive space, which costs hefty bandwidth and storage costs to the provider, you’ll definitely love ADrive.

ADrive offers each registered user 50GB of online storage and backup for free in Basic Storage Plan. Each upload file is limited to maximum file size of 2GB (one of the biggest limit), enough for most CD images, and of course more than enough for photos, MP3s, files and documents. ADrive plans to recoup the costs of free drive space offering by displaying advertisements on site and selling Premium Storage Plans that offers more than 50 GB storage space.

ADrive looks serious in its service offering, with tons of features such as access anywhere with any web browser, file sharing, complete folder and directory upload, search tool, remote external site URL file transfer to ADrive account, international character support and ability with edit documents online with Zoho.

Sign up with ADrive to enjoy 50GB online storage drive for free.

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