May 23, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

Add and Make Firefox Plays Click Navigation Sound and Audio Feedback Like IE

Internet Explorer in Windows operating system plays an audio feedback with a soft click or beep sound when some events happen such as on start navigation, complete navigation, when a pop-up window is blocked or when information bar is displayed. Firefox web browser, meanwhile is completely silent, without making any sound to notify or alert users.

If you prefer to hear a sound when using Firefox to surf the web, here’s some extensions or add-ons that plays a sound during various events and actions in Firefox, especially the Windows operating system start and end navigation sound and blocked pop-up windows.

Navigational Sounds

A simple extension that plays the Windows OS start and end navigational sounds when pages start and finish loading (i.e. that “click” from IE when you click a link).

Download and install Navigational Sounds.


Plays a sound when a pop-up window is blocked. You can also configure a sound for other events such as clicking on a link or downloading a file. You can specify your own sounds in the configuration.

Download and install PopupSound.

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