May 8, 2008
SY Tan

A New Pathway To Be Music Superstars Online

Ever dream of being a superstar or idol in the music industry? Simon Cowell’s comments might be too cruel or sarcastic and stop you from showcasing your talents. Or perhaps you are fed up with the sleaze and vulgarity of the entertainment industry. Well, music enthusiasts are now given an opportunity to show their talents in the world of music. They don’t have to face Simon’s annoyed face or beg somebody who is powerful in the industry to climb their way up. Instead, they will be given an opportunity via a new website, WeLoveFreeMusic, recently launched by SOS Record, a recording company owned by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as long as they have real talent!

WeLoveFreeMusic claimed to be the first website in the world that allows music lovers to share their love for music. Producers, song writers, artists and singers can upload their music to this platform and share with all music lovers all over the world. Music lovers can listen and download all the uploaded contents from the site without providing any personal information. Music creators who have uploaded their music contents will receive the vote result from a poll conducted by SOS Record. The best music creator voted by people visiting the site will be given a recording deal with SOS Record.

Users who visit the music site can find the music of Canadian sensation Naomi Striemer, Africa’s Idrissa Diop, and American record producer, Mario Winans. There are more and more big names appearing in the site. Music is a form of art that shouldn’t have any borders or restrictions. WeLoveFreeMusic will set a new milestone in the industry and give more opportunities to those who are talented and passionate about music.

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