May 3, 2008
SY Wong

9X Media Offers 30 Multiple LCD Displays Scaling for Digital Signage Segment

You may have heard or seen a multiple display connected to a single computer system but how many do you think they can scale up to? In previous posting we have seen some with maximum of up to six screens with Display Link technology. This round of time you may be surprised with what can be offered by 9X Media. According to the world’s leading edge multi-screen provider, user can have a configuration of up to 30 displays simultaneously, with different selection of LCD panel sizes.

This is definitely useful especially for digital signage application that requires huge screen for advertisement. Although user can choose to have a single huge display but the limitation is still there, perhaps 108-inch diagonal. Besides, you won’t enjoy the flexibility of able to adjust and assembly the screen size based on requirement and space constraint. Also, command and control room, and some sophisticated network monitoring centers will appreciate this kind of implementation due to better scalability and lower cost.

However, it is not for me and for those that are working in the office space. As I typically use only an additional LCD display to extend the view screen and it is comfortable enough. If you think two screens are insufficient, you can approach this service provider to get a quote of intended screen size as well as configuration that you need.

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