Jul 11, 2017
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54 WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts To Improve Blogger Productivity

WordPress includes many keyboard accelerator keys also known as keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys that make the program easier to work with menus and commands. With keyboard shortcuts, it make user easier to perform task and interact with computer, which otherwise would typically require a mouse or other pointing device to perform the operation.

Here’s the full list of WordPress keyboard shortcuts or accelerator hotkeys which available for WordPress user increase their productivity, as published by WordPress.

54 WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts To Improve Blogger Productivity

Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts

Moving around WordPress for navigation

Arrow keys (←, →, ↑ and ↓): Scroll through the post content

Backspace: To move back to the previous page

Hold Shift + Backspace: To move forward page

Tab: To the next clickable link/option on the page starting from the top.

Tab + multiple times: To move from one option to another

Hold Shift + Tab: To move back

Enter: To confirm a dialog box or access an option


Post Editing

Content management

Shift + ← / →: Highlight content per character

Ctrl + Shift + ← / →: Highlight content per word

Shift + ↑ / ↓: Highlight above/below line

Ctrl + A: Select all content

Ctrl + Shift + V: Paste content without formatting


Content formatting

Shift + Alt + D: Strikethrough text

Ctrl + K: Insert link

Shift + Alt + S: Remove link

Shift + Alt + 1: Apply heading 1

Shift + Alt + 2: Apply heading 2

Shift + Alt + 3: Apply heading 3

Shift + Alt + 4: Apply heading 4

Shift + Alt + 5: Apply heading 5

Shift + Alt + 6: Apply heading 6

Shift + Alt + 7: Apply paragraph formatting

Shift + Alt + U: Start bullet list

Shift + Alt + O: Start numbered list

Shift + Alt + Q: Blockquote

Shift + Alt + X: Apply code formatting

Shift + Alt + 9: Apply Address formatting

Shift + Alt + C: Align center

Shift + Alt + R: Align right

Shift + Alt + L: Align left

Shift + Alt + J: Justify

Shift + Alt + M: Add media

Shift + Alt + Z: Toggle toolbar

Shift + Alt + P: Insert Page Break tag

Shift + Alt + T: Insert Read More tag

Shift + Alt + W: Enable/disable Distraction free mode

Shift + Alt + H: Open help



Comment navigations

J: To move down in the comments (Or move to the next page)

K: To move up in the comments (Or move back to the previous page)


Comment actions

A: Approve comment

S: Mark as spam

D: Move to trash

Z: Undo recent action

U: Unapprove comment

R: Reply to comment

Q: Enable quick edit

E: Open comment editing screen


Apply actions in bulk

Shift + X: Select all comments

Shift + A: Approve all selected comments

Shift + T: Trash selected comments

Shift + D: Permanently delete selected comments

Shift + S: Mark selected comments as spam

Shift + U: Unapprove selected comments

Shift + Z: Restore select comments

To enable the keyboard shortcuts for the comment moderation section. WordPress user need go to user profile and then enable the option “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation” to activate keyboard shortcuts.

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