Mar 17, 2009
SY Tan

3-D Photo Prints By Snapily

Get your photo prints in 3-D. A start-up called Snapily has come up with the innovation of printing photos with lenticular printing technology to produce 3D cards, morph cards or flip cards. While family and friends have been used to seeing two-dimensional cards on photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and, a 3-D card will give them a pleasant surprise. A 3D card will simulate 3D effects and animated images without the need for users to put on special glasses. The morph card has an image that morphs into another when the card is moved while the flip card simulates a 3-D effect when an image in the card is turned over.


Movie cards are in the offing, too, soon. About five or six frames will be needed for a movie card and Snapily will determine of the video uploaded for the purpose fulfils the conditions in terms of lighting, etc. Priced higher than its competitors such as Kodak Photo Gallery and Snapfish, Snapily nevertheless is confident that its 3D photos will be in high demand. It has plans to expand the 3-D photo printing into animated T-shirts, posters and stickers. It looks like the talking book in Harry Potter is closer to becoming a reality than we think.

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