Oct 16, 2017
TnT Editor

15 Keyboard Shortcuts for Telegram Desktop To Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Telegram is another awesome cloud-based desktop and mobile messaging app similar with WhatsApp messenger.

With Telegram, users can create groups with up to 5,000 people, broadcast up to 100 contacts at once, send photos, videos and other files, and secret chats with end-to-end encryption and automatic self-destruction. The main features of Telegram is it can be used simultaneously on different devices – messages sync across any number of computer, phone, or tablet.

In addition, Telegram also introduce few advanced features such as Telesco.pe which allows users to view video messages from public Telegram channels, Telegram bot payments that let users make payments, while Telegram instant view platform is allow users to view articles directly in the Telegram app.

Instead of Telegram Mobile messenger app, Telegram Desktop also famous among all messenger service. If you are one of the Telegram Desktop users, here the Telegram Desktop keyboard shortcuts may help to increase your efficiency and productivity.

15 Keyboard shortcuts for Telegram Desktop

Ctrl + Tab Move to next chat
Ctrl + PageDown Move to next chat
Alt + Arrow Down Move to next chat
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move to previous chat
Ctrl + PageUp Move to previous chat
Alt + Arrow Up Move to previous chat
Ctrl + F Search selected chat
Esc Exit selected chat and search Telegram
Alt + Arrow Up Exit display of current chat/channel
Delete Delete currently selected message
Ctrl + Q Quit Telegram
Ctrl + L Lock Telegram (if Local Password is set)
Ctrl + M Iconify (Minimize) Telegram
Ctrl + W Iconify (Minimize) Telegram to System Tray
Arrow Up Edit Previous Message

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