Apr 1, 2008
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How to Add Keyboard Shortcut (Hot Key) to Eject CD or DVD Drive

If your computer is located in the slightly out of position location, which make the action to press the open or eject button to open the CD or DVD drive disc tray inconvenient, then you can create a shortcut to fast access the eject CD and DVD drive function. Shouldn’t it be nicer if user can also simply press a keyboard shortcut or keyboard accelerator key, or hotkey, to instantly eject the CD/DVD optical drive?

Taking advantage of a Windows feature, which allows a keyboard shortcut or accelerator hot key to be assigned to shortcut, the shortcut created to eject CD/DVD-ROM or CD/DVD burner can be assigned with a hotkey. With a keyboard hotkey, user can activate the shortcut to eject open the optical drive simply by pressing the keyboard, without the need to double click on the shortcut or icon.

To assign and add a shortcut key to eject and open CD or DVD drive, firstly create a shortcut to eject CD or DVD drive according to this guide. Note that keyboard shortcut or hotkey can only be assigned to shortcut, and not on the executable (with .exe extension) itself.

Once the “Eject CD” or “Eject DVD” shortcut has been created, right click on the icon and the select Properties. Go to Shortcut tab if you’re not already on the tab, and then click once on the text field of Shortcut Key.

Press a keyboard sequence or hot key that you want to use to eject CD/DVD drive. The field will automatically reflect the keys that you press. When done, click “OK” button to apply the change.

The trick works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008, and other Windows versions too. In Windows Vista and XP, it’s possible to place the Eject CD/DVD shortcut in Quick Launch bar, and use Quick Launch bar built-in keyboard shortcut as an alternative to open or eject the optical drive.

Update: Full List Of Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts (Accelerator Keys or Hotkeys)

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  • sickley

    cd eject tool, is a much more versitile tool. not only can it handle all your drives (in case you have more than one optical drive) but you can set hotkeys. no need to create shortcuts! the downside is that it must be running in the background, so systems in need of free resources may not like it

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  • Computer Wizard

    You don't need any software, just Windows. Press and hold the Windows key. While holding the Windows key press the E key and release both. After Windows Explorer opens quickly press and release each of the following keys in succession: C key, Application key, J key. If you have a DVD drive then change the C key to a D key. Or if you have a disk in the drive change the C key to whatever the title of the disk is. Most keyboards have the Windows key and Application key but if yours does not then just open Windows Media Player, press and hold the Ctrl key then the E key.

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