May 13, 2008
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Remove Password and Unlock Protected PDF Which Allowed To Be Printed Without Knowing Secret

Acrobat PDF documents can be protected or locked with password to secure the confidential and private by restricting others from opening the PDF file altogether by PDF creator, or limiting ability by readers to modify, print, copy or extract text and graphics from the PDF contents. The later case, where printing is allowed, but copying is not allowed, has an easy workaround that can unlock and remove the password protection.

Removing the password is useful if you have legal rights or are genuine owner to the PDF documents, but forget the password. The hack only works to disable the password protection if the PDF file’ security settings has password protected from allowing readers from modify or copy and paste, but allow users to print the document.

To remove such password which restricts users from content copying or text and image extraction, try to print the PDF document to a PDF printer or save as a new copy to create another PDF document stripped of the password protection. You will get another PDF document and it will be password-free. However, the new PDF document will probably treat its contents as a set of pictures, rather than text.

If you don’t have any PDF printer or creator, download and install PrimoPDF which installs a PDF virtual printer.

PDF Unlocker can do the job more efficiently.

  • JACrazy

    Open pdf in google chrome, hit print, choose printer as ‘save as pdf’. This removes the restrictions on it. Open the pdf directly in word and it will keep most of the formatting intact.

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    • Adwan


  • it’s new information about pdf remover
    thanks for shared

  • Jouse

    Well, Acrobat itself can set password and remove password from protected PDF files, I think it’s not easy to use, as for me, I used Vibosoft PDF password remover program, which can crack : Open password and Owner password. Look:

  • Sheel

    Unfortunately, it does not work with new version of PDF files. I would recommend this latest tutorial to unlock a PDF file:

  • kora

    i really didn't know a password can be removed from a pdf file. I might admit is a really useful trick 😀

  • Laura

    when I attempt to reprint PDF to another file, to enable me to have not security on it, I get the following message log.

    %%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%

    This PostScript file was created from an encrypted PDF file.

    Redistilling encrypted PDF is not permitted.

    %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%

    %%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

    Any suggestions?


    • TheRoundOne

      If you ‘print’ to something like Microsoft Document Writer and then save that as a pdf you can get around it

  • rara


  • Bangla Book

    nice …….. i used this Primo ……. its nice ….. but now i have some different type of pdf ….. can't be edit.

  • Luckyman

    Working with XP Sp3. Acrobat 9.3.1 and Gsview32.exe 4.9, you open .pdf with Gsview — conver it to .ps file and if you open .ps with Acrobar youar ready. It works for me just now.

  • speedjive

    It's not free. "free" trial for 3 documents only

  • gea

    it is helpful

  • Melvin James

    I'm using another Password Remover, the price is affordable and it works well.
    And you can remove the restriction in just one click.Then you can copy,print the PDF as you wish.

  • You can try using – It strips the password from PDFs.

  • K

    waiit, so this is just telling you about it? not telling you HOW to remove it?

  • Happyfingers

    Looking for mac solution for adobe digital editions…

  • thanks for your post,great info.

  • MrVascony

    Nice idea but is not working with the new software.

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