May 4, 2008
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Install Windows XP SP3 Without Product Key and Use for 30 Days Free with Retail CD

Microsoft is making good their promise to remove mandatory product key input during the installation or upgrading process of Windows XP operating system, in a new Windows Product Activation (WPA) process that similar to what implements in Windows Vista. However, only integrated Windows XP with Service Pack retail install or OEM CD can bypass the step to enter product key. Windows XP SP3 installation or setup CD/DVD for corporate customers with volume licensing agreement still require a valid and legitimate volume license product key (VLK) to be entered, as tested and reported by Tip and Trick previously.

When installing Windows XP with Service Pack 3 integrated setup CD or DVD for retail or OEM channel (clean install from fresh state or upgrade), the installation process will still prompt for a 25-character product key as appeared on the yellow sticker on the back of Windows folder to be entered. However, user can leave the product key field blank, and simply click Next button to skip supplying a product key during installation. As similar to Windows Vista, installing Windows XP SP3 without a product key will have system offers the user 30-day activation grace period, and entitles user to a 30 days evaluation or trial period to try out the OS.

Bypass and Skip Product Key in Windows XP SP3 Installation
Windows XP Setup screen during entering product key phase, which now says “Entering your product key is optional but strongly recommended to help avoid complications during activation.”

Skip and Bypass Entering Product Key during Windows XP Setup
If the user click on next without filling in the 25-character product key (leaving the product key field or the 5 boxes blank), an “Error” dialog saying “Entry of a product key will be required later for continued use of Windows. If you choose not to enter the product key now, you might need to reinstall Windows later and potentially lose files and information, or you might need to purchase another version of Windows. We strongly recommend that you enter your product key now. Do you want to enter your product key now?” It’s probably a scare tactic, just click “No” to skip and bypass the product key step.

It’s unclear why Microsoft decides to leave the Volume Licensing media (commonly known as VL or VOL) untouched, since it makes no difference to still require a product key during installation. The VOL editions of Windows XP is the main crack method used by pirates to counterfeit Windows XP OS. It’s commonly used with leaked or stolen VLK which once entered, Windows skips the activation procedure altogether, guarantee sure success to activate Windows XP (of course, the crack won’t work when validation comes into picture.) Thus, it’s believed that Microsoft probably fears of annoying the powerful big corporate customers who prefer fast and easy deployment as associated with Windows XP so far.

Menu Item to Activate Windows XP SP3
Menu item in Start Menu to activate Windows XP SP3

Activation Key Icon in XP SP3 Notification Area
A activation key with days left for activation tooltip also displays in system tray (notification area).

Activation Wizard in XP SP3 Asking for Product Key
Windows XP SP3 activation wizard will ask for product key to be entered before activation is done online.

  • john

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  • Jake

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  • G K Essilfie

    I have Windows XP Professioal SP2 Version 2002 on my old Compaq desktop. For number of years I could not connect to the internet until a couple of days ago. After that, my system loads with a notification that “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows validation.”

    I had earlier downloaded the KB936929 Standalone Update Package from OFFICIAL MICROSOFT DOWNLOAD site which I had intended for that desktop system but wasn’t too sure of its consequencies.

    The question is, can I intall this package

    (1) without needing to insert product ID/Acitivation code?

    (2) without having to reformat?

    (3) without lossing any file, both data and program files?

    Thanks for assistance.

  • Tom

    Hello, anyone have a working Windows XP Key? Please email Thanks!

  • trump

    I need a Windows Pro SP3 Product Key urgently, had to format hard drive and I've lost my product key located on the original box. Please email me at I would appreciate someone that can help me???? Thanx guys!

  • irfan khan 984820905

    i need activation code for xp sp3 geniune key to stop 30days trail.more 10 days to go plz help me…

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  • i chek a windows sp3 ver.

    ihave cd but no cd key and a m download a 30 day traiyl key.

  • adil

    i need activation code for xp sp3

  • kegeorge

    I have Windows XP Professional (which does not even show which number SP Pack number it has) on my old compaq desktop. The system (Desktop) cannot connect to the internet.

    From the info read on your forum, I downloaded the KB936929 Standalone Update Package from OFFICIAL mICROSOFT DOWNLOAD site.

    The question is, can I intall this package

    (1) without needing to insert product ID/Acitivation code?

    (2) without having to reformat?

    (3) without lossing any file, both data and program files?

    Thanks for assistance.

  • khaing


    i want to know window vista product keyincluded x86 SP2

    tzk for ur kindness

    with regards!

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  • asd

    yeah… it works…thanks!!

  • Aziz

    Hi dear all

    please could you guide me how to install or add other languages in Windows XP SP3

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  • Computerlover

    Hi everyone, still 5 days left my the activation of windows xp help me please give me a key to work with it!

    It is windows xp service pack 3 pro and I need the laptop in school!!!

  • Bgr

    Windows XP SP3 Product Key is


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    • Gowda

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  • NotMike

    @Mike, your Dell Inspiron CD requires a Dell OEM XP Install CD.

    The number on the bottom of the laptop cannot be used ANY XP installer. It's simply there document the fact that the computer was issued an xp license.

    When installing Windows XP from a Dell OEM XP Installer CD, it will NOT prompt you for any numbers, key, etc. Period. If you try and used that Dell OEM XP installer CD on another non-Dell system, it WILL prompt you for a key.

    This is what the disk looks like. And it is what you need.

  • Mike

    I Bought a dell inspiron laptop tax time off of ebay, ok the product key on the bottom of it will not work for sp1 or sp2, it is professional, would it by any chance be sp3 key? the laptop is 5 years old, it has windows xp proin it, i have to redo it cuz the sound is distorted and slow, from office 2007 leavin it open then putting it into hibernation, guessin it corrupted my hd or the modem is loose in it, it was workin fine until i installed office 2007 enteprise edition.

  • thanks for this advice.

  • sam

    i need activation code for xp sp3 geniune key to stop 30days trail.

  • Install Windows XP with this CD key;


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  • eldorado


    i have a problem. my computer came with windows installation on it and the files to reinstall in case you format the computer.

    but for some reason this hidden part of the HDD was not accessible after format and in desperation i downloaded windows home sp3 now.

    when it asks me for my product key i enter the one on the bottom of my machine (the one that came with the windows home version i was using before formatting).

    for some reason this windows version wont allow it though.

    what can i do?

  • Fernando

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  • admin

    Alea, thanks for pointing out, forget about OEM versions. 🙂

  • Alea

    I slipstreamed SP3 on my XP Pro Sp2 OEM, and it works in the same way, i have now a xp sp3 pro OEM installed without key and 30 days to test it until activation, i think the home edition version works similar

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