Oct 11, 2015
TnT Editor

How to Launch Start Menu Fast In Windows 10

Microsoft has finally brought back the Start Menu and Start button in Windows 10 with a lot of new features after few years Windows Start Menu has been dangled. Windows 10 comes with a default set of live tiles in the Start Menu such as the Calendar, Mail, Weather, Photos apps, and Edge browser.

How to Launch Start Menu Fast In Windows 10

While Windows 10 Start Menu really an advanced Start Menu compared to Windows 8.1, some Windows 10 users have report that the new Start button comparatively slowly when opening up after clicked on Start button. This issue could cause systems respond time slow.

However, here a simple trick that able to solve this slow launch issue. Note: With this trick, all maximise-minimise animations will be disable in Windows 10.

  1. Press Windows + R to launch Run.
  2. Next, type sysdm.cpl in Run.
  3. The command in Step 2 will open-up the System Properties Window.
  4. In the System Properties window, navigate to Advanced and click on Settings, under Performance
  5. Click Settings in Step 4 that will forward to the performance Options sub-menu.
  6. In the options sub-menu, click on Visual Effects.
  7. Click Visual Effects displays multiple options, select Custom and uncheck “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing“.
  8. Last, click Apply and OK to save new settings.
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