Jun 28, 2015
TnT Editor

How to Experience Instagram Web With Webbygram

Instagram is an extremely famous photo sharing app which has 40 million users. Photo sharing comes from everywhere on food, travel, fashion, or lifestyle. Perhaps, sometimes you may feel annoying which Instagram do not have an official web version of their popular photo sharing service. All photos uploaded to Instagram are public by default and it doesn’t have a website where you can browse back your photo or browse other user’s photo.

How to Experience Instagram Web With Webbygram

Now, good news comes to those who wait for it. Developer Brenden Mulligan was launched a new app called Webbygram, which is a web version of Instagram using its API. Users can view your Instagram photos inside any web browser without requiring any apps. Users can enjoy viewing photos on a larger screen, especially when they have as much detail as the filtered ones in Instagram feed.

Instead of this, Webbygram allows users to like and comment the photo shared by others, view people’s profiles and see the most popular photos. It is totally make users feel same experience with Instagram mobile app. Unfortunately, for any account settings or uploading photo, users are not able to do it on Webbygram. Means that, users are still need to edit account or upload photo from Instagram mobile. To get experience Instagram web, head to Webbygram official website by simply click the direct link below and sign in with your Instagram account:


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