Apr 2, 2008
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How to Disable Quick Launch Bar Feature

In Windows Vista and Windows XP (if you have manually enable the Quick Launch bar), Quick Launch bar will take up a position in the Windows Taskbar, which normally resides right beside the Start Menu. If the area of Taskbar location occupied by Quick Launch bar is precious and important to you, or you’re not actively using Quick Launch shortcuts, it’s possible to reclaim the space by disable Quick Launch feature.

How to Disable Quick Launch Bar

To disable and turn off Quick Launch bar in Windows XP and Windows Vista (actually it’s not ‘disable’, but just make the Quick Launch bar hidden and disappear from showing in Taskbar. Quick Launch folder still exists, where users and programs can still add or remove icons and shortcuts from it), just follow these steps, which applied to both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Right click on Windows Taskbar, then select Toolbars on the right click contextual menu. In the pop up menu, uncheck or untick the Quick Launch option by clicking on it once, so that there is no check mark in front of Quick Launch to turn off Quick Launch bar feature.

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  • http://www.mylifewired.com Andrew Askew

    tried locking, unlocking, rebooting, logging off, looking for something in tweakui, googling answers, I think ultramon might have messed it up… regardless i need to reformat anyway :)

    Thanks tho

  • admin

    Do you try to lock the taskbar?

  • http://www.mylifewired.com Andrew Askew

    ugh, I don't know what I did, but now every time I reboot, my taskbar & quick launch returns to the original position before I changed it, its annoying, especially when explorer crashes……

    … sigh, guess it is time for a reformat again, the only one fix all method

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