May 18, 2015
TnT Editor

How To Copy Existing YouTube Playlist Into YouTube Account

Looking for your inspiring idol music videos?  Or stumbled on someone else’s YouTube playlist of great music videos, movie clips? You don’t have to rebuild it yourself as high possibility is some YouTube user has already curated the relevant videos into playlist which you can watch on any device with a simple click. However, your favorite YouTube playlist may disappear without warning when YouTube user deletes the playlists himself or perhaps YouTube have decided to shut down his account. When all these happen, the user’s playlists are gone too.

How To Copy Existing YouTube Playlist Into YouTube Account

The best way would be that you clone that YouTube playlist into your YouTube account. It’s just like saving an exact copy of a web page to your disk. If the original disappears or deleted, you aren’t affected. YouTube used to give you a way to copy another user’s playlist, but they have since removed this feature. No worry, there have a new web tool that will let you copy any playlist to your account.

Here how to copy existing YouTube playlist into your own YouTube account

To get started, you have to sign in with your YouTube account and allow the app to access your YouTube account, so that the app can get permissions to create YouTube playlist. Next, paste in any playlist URL you want to copy, set the privacy of your new cloned playlist (either public or private). And then, click on “Submit” button. The playlist will be copied to your YouTube account within 5 seconds. You may hit the link below to explore the YouTube API and the source code.

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