May 16, 2008
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How to Check Windows XP Product Activation Status

Windows XP has less stringent Windows Product Activation algorithm compared with Windows Vista. For example, PC computers from branded OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is activated out-of-factory, and most hackers and pirates go for volume licensing (commonly known as VL or VOL) version of Windows XP Professional which when installed with a volume product key (VLK), does not require user to activate again online or by phone.

However, Windows XP does require product activation too. Doesn’t need (as in the case of when using OEM or VLK product key, which is instantly and automated activated) to perform steps to activate Windows XP doesn’t mean that Windows XP is not activated, and activated Windows XP is one of the requirement for the installed copy of operating system to be considered by genuine by Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation Tool.

To check, view or verify the Windows XP current activation status, open Run command from Start Menu, and run the following command:

oobe/msoobe /a

A “Activate Windows” dialog window will open to let user know the activation status. If the Windows XP has been activated, the message is “Windows is already activated. Click OK to exit.”

Windows XP is already activated.

Else, you will be asked to let’s activate Windows now, which means that the copy of Windows XP installation is not yet activated.

  • anuj verma

    thanks, this is correct anwser.!!

  • bogdan

    oobe is not recognized as an interneal or external command…

  • This works perfectly! Thanks.

  • Sanjeev

    Use windows XP activation killer its the best choice.

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  • ferdy

    how to activate win xp sp 2??

  • hotsteppa

    heres another way

    1. type RUN then CMD in the start menu

    2 smlgr -dli (then enter after each one)

    3 smlgr -xpr

    4 smlgr -dlv

  • nerd

    try this torrent, it works excellent if u are locked out of windows u can put this on a usb drive and boot in safe mode (f8) and then u can get back into windows as normal =)

  • anupam

    kartik.. how did u activate it??

  • how to change window xp sp2 keygen when the window log on?

  • karthik

    hurray! key activated!

  • Mark Lanyon

    i am trying to activate Windows XP. i can access the internet. when i go through the activitate windows i am told you cannot access the internet. i then went to register and gave up my information only to be told again that you cannot access the internet. i do not appreciate that. pleae help. thank you

  • pls activated key?:(

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