May 11, 2008
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Error 1721: There Is A Problem With This Windows Installer Package When Install or Uninstall on Vista

In Windows Vista, when attempting to install a program using setup executable file based on Windows Installer Package with .msi extension, a dialog box may pop up to display the “Error 1721” error message. The error may also happens when trying to uninstall a software program, and also when using msiexec.exe to call the installer.

Error 1721. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support or package vendor.

The error by Windows Installer Package happens in Windows Vista because the of custom actions set in the installer package fail with missing permissions, involving custom actions that scheduled for both immediate or deferred execution. Visual Studio custom actions run while impersonating the installing user but only run with standard user privilege, and not with elevated administrator privilege as required in Windows Vista, if the msidbCustomActionTypeNoImpersonate bit is not set. Even though Windows Vista prompts for privilege elevation, however, only custom actions that are running in the Local System account get elevated correctly, while custom actions that impersonate as the current user do not.

Thus, the error usually happens on older versions of setup installer which install or uninstall programs meant for earlier versions of Windows operating system, such as XP, 2000, Me and 9x. However, if you’re the programmer or developer for the installer program, probably you can do much to change the bit or installer sequence to solve the issue. But, there are still resolutions to fix the error 1721 that happens in Windows Vista, and probably has more than one one solutions or workarounds that users can try to get the software program installed.

Run an elevated command prompt with Run as Administrator option to start the installation

This method will probably allow most failed .msi installer to install/uninstall probably. Simply open an elevated command prompt with Run as Administrator setting, and then execute the .msi executable.

There are plenty of ways to open elevated command prompt as administrator.

Open up an elevated command prompt and run the .msi installer with msiexec

If simply fire up the elevated command prompt to run the setup installer won’t work, try to use msiexec.exe command to execute the installation or uninstallation process.

Command syntax to install a .msi: msiexec /i application.msi
Command syntax to uninstall a program with its .msi: msiexec /x application.msi

Replace program.msi with the actual filename.

Disable User Access Control (UAC)

The easy solution is probably to disable User Access Control (UAC), which forces process to run with standard user privilege unless been specifically instructed and permitted to run elevated to administrator user privilege.

Here’s the step to disable and turn off UAC (User Access Control) feature for the logged on user account in Windows Vista (there are plenty more ways to disable UAC):

  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. In “Control Panel”, click User Accounts and Family Safety.
  3. In the “User Accounts and Family Safety” window, click User Accounts.
  4. In the “Make changes to your user account” tasks window, click Turn User Account Control on or off.
  5. If UAC is currently configured in Admin Approval Mode, the User Account Control message appears. Click Continue.
  6. Clear the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer check box, and then click OK.
  7. Click Restart Now to apply the change immediately, or click Restart Later to close the User Accounts tasks window. Note that you must reboot the system to make the change effective.
  • UsAiNeR

    Brian M. Delaney have the same thing doing

    for the same game

  • Danil

    Im trying to uninstall solidedgest3 and this help make a pop-up that says that this package of installation cant be opened. Also to verify if the package exists and if i have access to it or to get in contact with the fabricator.

    I have tried everything and non have worked. Please help

  • Brian M. Delaney

    I am trying to reinstall Borderlands but no matter what I do, I still get the error 1721. PLEASE HELP ME.
    P.S. I'm using Win7

  • Ash

    thank u for the UAC solution.

    it worked. thanks a ton.

    crazy vista

  • Hair Dandruff

    thanks for help! I will try.

  • G. Rezette

    Hello all,

    I did have the same mistake whilst installing a 3D CAD package Solid Edge ST2. I used the following approach:

    Go to User Accounts and change UAC to the "never notify" level and it worked fine.

    I hope it will work for some of you also.



  • Graphi

    I also have the same problem, and I don't know what caused it. Need to update my VIPRE Anti Virus but fails every time. Can anyone help?

  • Xand'r Suineg

    This error is a headache. No joke, I hate Vista and I hate the constant bugs and flaws. I got so that I just used another older computer to figure out a solution for it, or I was gonna sell my Vista computer. And I decided that I was going to try a Registry Cleaner. Believe it or not, it did me some good. A lot of good. I barely have an issue that takes more than…like 5 or 10 mins to solve. It scans your system constantly, and its just really helpful. I suggest it to anyone who has errors and issues with Vista.

  • Mario

    I tried loading Winzip 140. I still get the 1721 error. Please help.

  • The UAC solution solved my problem. Thanks so much for the info. I only wish I would have found this post first.

  • Cybel

    Errorr 1721 I do everything you said and still has the problem, WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mick

    I love your work, thanks. Turing off UAC allows me to install my program with the error.

  • Pat

    Forgot to say "Thank You for the info"

  • Pat

    I spoke to soon in my prior comments I just did all the steps as indicated under the heading "Disable User Access Control (UAC)" AND IT WORKS !!!!!! WHOOPEE !!!

  • Pat

    Tried this and many, many, many more steps to cure this issue still get error messages

    # 1722 1721 1730 take your pick .. I would like very much to uninstall thie Corel WordPerfect product so that I can do a clean install of one of Corel's new products.. I have done many installs/uninstalls and this another issue with Vista is making me very angry and I am already upset with Vista OS

  • Brutuscat

    As you said is a issue with the CustomActions privileges. Take a look at this article "Windows Installer Custom Actions, Windows Vista and Terminal Server" ->

  • It´s possible to be an error in Windows Installer ?¿

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  • hans

    this help is not a help.

    still same error

  • Anuj

    i have done the same procedure but still the same error is coming.

    Please help me out.


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