Apr 28, 2008
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Windows Vista Starter Wallpapers Free Download with Preview (Set 3)

This is the third set of wallpapers from Windows Vista Starter edition. Download the ZIP archive package which contains 9 pieces of beautiful wallpapers if you like them. Extract and copy the .JPG wallpapers to C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper (replace C with your own Windows drive letter) so that the newly added wallpapers will appear for selection on Personalization to set as desktop background. All wallpapers is of 1024×768 resolution, and of nature and scenery themes such as sunset, mountain, flower, seashell, wildlife and etc.

Sunset behind Tree Free Wallpaper
Mountain Scenery Free Wallpaper
Flower Macro Free Wallpaper from Windows Vista Starter
Landscape Free Wallper for Windows Vista
Seashell Free Beautiful Wallpaper for Vista Starter
Sunflower Wallpaper from Vista Starter
Wildlife Vista Wallpaper Desktop Background
Water Desktop Background Wallpaper in Vista Starter
Scenery Desktop Background Wallpaper

Download VistaStarterWallpapers3.zip

Also check out Set 1, Set 2 and Set 4 of Windows Vista Starter wallpapers.

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