May 15, 2008
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100 Free MP3 Song Downloads from eMusic

eMusicCan’t get enough of free MP3 songs and musics? eMusic, an online music retail store, is giving away 100 MP3 downloads for free just by registering for an account for free trial of 30 days, just for checking out eMusic. Best of all, music lovers can select from any of 100 songs or musics from over 3 millions tracks available for download on eMusic.

The 100 free music tracks available for download from eMusic are in MP3 format, which does not has any DRM (digital rights management) restrictions such as expiry dates, or copying or CD burining limitations. Beside, the MP3s downloaded are fully compatible with all digital music players such as Zune, iPod or any other MP3 players.

New subscribers who sign up can download the 100 free MP3s within 30 days from day of signing up the trial account. Note that you must cancel the account BEFORE the trial period ends, else the trial account wll turn into a monthly billable subscription account immediately after at a second after ending of trial period, where refunds are impossible. Continue rolling into subscription mode will allow users to download a number of tracks per 30-day period, depending on subscription plan.

Good news is, even if you cancel the eMusic account after download the free entitled 100 MP3 music tracks, you get to keep the 100 free MP3s as a gift just for checking out eMusic. The 100 free MP3s is a new generous promotion from eMusic. Previously, only 25 free MP3s download is offered.

Sign up and download the 100 free MP3s at eMusic.

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